High Sierra Jazz Band



The High Sierra Jazz Band is a hard-driving, energetic band playing west coast style music ala Turk Murphy and Lu Watters. The band was formed after the Celebrated Jazzberry Jam Band disbanded in 1976, and still has four of the original members, Charlie Castro on drums, Bruce Huddleston on piano, Stan Huddleston banjo and guitar, and Earl McKee tuba and vocal. Charlie, Bruce, and Earl were in the Jazzberry Jam Band, which made an appearance at the very first Sacramento Festival in 1974. It was at the 1974 Sacramento Festival that the band heard a “Hot” trumpeter, Al Smith who was playing with Bob Ringwald’s Fulton Street Jazz Band. Al soon after moved to Exeter, and when the High Sierra Jazz Band was formed in 1976, he was selected to play trumpet and lead the band. About 23 years ago, Howard Miyata joined the band and continues to play to this day. The leader since 1996 is Pieter Meijers who plays reeds and the cornet is played by Marc Caparone since 2012. Their home base of the band is Three Rivers, California.

Pieter Meijers – leader, reeds
Howard Miyata – trombone, vocals
Marc Caparone – cornet
Bruce Huddleston – piano
Stan Huddleston – banjo, guitar
Charlie Castro – drums
Earl McKee – sousaphone