Days Time – Location Time – Location Time – Location Time – Location
Friday 1:00PM – Serra I 3:00PM – Serra II 8:30PM – De Anza
Saturday 10:00AM – Serra I 4:30PM – Bonzai 7:00PM – De Anza 8:30PM – Serra I
Sunday 11:00AM – Serra II

With long-time well developed reputations to live up to…or live down…these familiar faces have regrouped under the watchful eye of Wally, who’s warehouse has seen many an itinerant musician come and go. Fugitives from several highly regarded (or at least well traveled) bands…Bill Allred’s Classic Jazz Band and the New Reformation Band among them…the Waifs have well established reputations, as popular favorites on the traditional jazz circuit.

Beyond the readily apparent mutual admiration that these guys have for one another’s talents, you’ll find that they share a joy for the music they play and the audiences they play it for. Improvisation is what makes our kind of music special. The Waifs are rare in that they share not only extraordinary technical prowess, but their “hearts” and “souls” are all in the same place and their version of your favorite tune delights not only you, but often themselves. Playing the music of the masters from the early New Orleans days through the Swing and the Big Band eras, they merge their magical mix of talents to create jazz in its purest form. They’re not copycats, so what you’ll hear will be fresh melodic ideas moving from heart to horn. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy this popular jazz band, because this is why jazz was invented and what it was meant to be.