We3 is a jazz trio combining the musical and verbal virtuosity of Bob Draga on clarinet, Jeff Barnhart on piano and vocals, and Danny Coots on drums. Individually, these musicians are big draws at jazz festivals throughout the world. On the rare occasions when they convene on the same stage, the resulting music, banter, humor and friendship are of unequaled potency. Using the Goodman trio sound as a springboard, Bob Jeff and Danny bring their unique strengths to the fore and stretch into new territory with each performance. Their first CD was a sell-out and they have finally managed to be in the same place at the same time to create their sophomore effort, “We Three: Are We There Yet?” You’ll want to be there with them as they play old favorites and some new explorations from their latest CD, including “Dark Eyes,” “Always,” “Marie,” “Get me to the Church on Time” (one of Bob’s signature tunes), and an epic journey through the music of The Wizard of Oz!

Bob Draga – clarinet

Jeff Barnhart – piano

Danny Coots – drums