The Dixie Dominus Traditional Jazz Band

The Dixie Dominus Traditional Jazz Band of Fremont Christian School was formed in 2007 under the direction of Thomas Banuelos. Mr. Banuelos draws upon his personal experience performing traditional jazz to help inspire a new generation of musicians. The band can be heard performing an eclectic repertoire ranging from traditional jazz standards to “jazzed up” versions of pop tunes. Along performing locally, this group has most notably performed at international jazz festivals in Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy.

Joel Manesh- Trumpet
Edward Yuan – Trumpet
Matthew Valencia-Tenor/Clarinet
Ryan Sevilla – Trombone
Jadon Campagna – Drums
Simeon Godwin  – Banjo
Tobin McConnell  – Bass
Marilyn Yuan – Bass
Eden Mercado-Vocals