Dixieland Monterey: Jazz Camp Media Alert

Musicians sponsored by Jazz Bash by the Bay (aka Dixieland Monterey) hosted a three-day mini Jazz Camp at Seaside High School last week (June 6-8) featuring 13 student jazz musicians and five instructors. Musicians Don Irving and his wife, drummer Debera McIrving got the ball rolling by working with Theresa Hruby, the school’s music instructor, to hold a jazz camp. They thought it was to be just them volunteering to be instructors, but Dixieland Monterey financed the camp, which allowed them to hire professional musicians, pianist/trombonist Jackson Stock of Abalone Stompers fame, brass player Howard Miyata of the High Sierra Jazz Band and Dick Williams, trumpeter for the Bye Bye Blues Band. Irving is the music director of that band. Hruby also participated and assisted with providing instruments for the student musicians. “I think we made some pretty good progress,” said Irving. “All in all it was a good experience for everyone and it was pretty successful. We hope to do it again next year with a little more preparation.” The camp was a good example of the many ways Dixieland Monterey continues to give back to the community.