Days Time – Location Time – Location Time – Location
Friday 5:30PM – Steinbeck 1 7:30PM – Steinbeck 1 8:30PM – Portola
Saturday 5:30PM – Portola 10:00PM – Portola
Sunday 11:00AM – Bonsai 8:00PM – Colton

Carl Sonny Leyland Trio

Carl Sonny Leyland – leader, piano, vocals

Marty Eggers – bass

Jeff Hamilton – drums

Carl Sonny Leyland has the boogie in his bones! Leyland grew up in Southhampton, England, where the rhythm and sounds of boogie-woogie piano captured his imagination. In 1988, Leyland immigrated to America and settled in New Orleans before moving to Southern California. The trio’s rollicking music carries  the influences of New Orleans traditional jazz, ragtime, swing and blues.