Days Time – Location Time – Location Time – Location
Friday 4:00PM – Portola 1:30PM – Steinbeck 1
Saturday 10:00AM – Portola 3:00PM – Steinbeck 2 7:00PM – Portola
Sunday 9:30AM – Steinbeck 1 3:30PM – Colton

Crown Syncopators

Formed in 2007, The Crown Syncopators Ragtime Trioconsists of Virginia Tichenor on drums, Marty Eggers on tuba, and Frederick Hodges on piano. The trio plays regularly to enthusiastic crowds of music lovers at legendary waterfront restaurant Pier 23 in San Francisco and is expanding its territory to include ragtime and jazz festivals around the country.

The trio derives its name from the brand name of the piano at Pier 23, which happens to be a rare 1909 art-case, four-pedal upright piano manufactured by the Crown Piano Company. This very instrument has the added distinction of having belonged at different times to Bay Area jazz piano greats Burt Bales and Ray Skjelbred. In 2007, Skjelbred sold the piano to Marty Eggers, who arranged to house it at Pier 23, where Bales played for over a decade in the 1950s and ’60s.