Days Time – Location Time – Location Time – Location
Friday 1:30PM – Colton 4:30PM – Steinbeck 1
Saturday 12:00PM – Steinbeck 1 4:30PM – Steinbeck 1 7:30PM – Steinbeck 1
Sunday 12:30PM – Colton 3:30PM – Steinbeck 1

Mark Allen Jones

Mark has been playing piano for 62 years now, having asked for lessons after seeing Victor Borge with his dad when he was 4. His playing has taken him from Shakey’s Pizza Parlors to Disneyland, from steamboats to cruise ships, from Branson to Atlantic City, to his retirement here in Carmel Valley. In spite of health problems he continues to entertain some and annoy others with his partner Dr. Craig Wright on Wednesday nights, and is very grateful to be included in this year’s Jazz Bash.