Jazz Bash by the Bay 2021—CANCELLED

We are cancelling because we CARE

The Board of Directors of Dixieland Monterey, after much consideration, has voted to cancel Jazz Bash by the Bay 2021 because of the risks posed by COVID-19. The majority of our demographic falls within the most at-risk population. Even with conflicting reports of when a vaccine might be available to all Americans, we do not want to put anybody involved with the festival at risk. Will a vaccine be available soon enough before our festival for everybody to receive their two doses and time to develop their own immunity? We don’t know and care enough about all of you to not take the chance. Will California – Monterey County specifically – be able to hold large indoor gatherings and concerts by early March? We don’t know. Would everybody feel comfortable and safe without thinking of the risk? Probably not. We want Dixieland Monterey’s Jazz Bash by the Bay to retain the joyful party atmosphere we all so highly treasure at our beautiful event instead of everyone walking on eggshells and very much on edge.

So, with that said, please put March 4-6, 2022 on your calendar for the best Jazz Bash by the Bay ever. We plan to invite the bands and musicians who had verbally committed to 2021 plus many more. More information will be on our website as plans develop. Stay safe! We care about each and every one of you.


The Jazz Bash By the Bay Monterey takes place in the renovated Conference Center and Portola Hotel & Spa with 8 venues and 7 dance floors.

Enjoy the colorful forms of American Classic Jazz including Traditional, Ragtime, Swing, Gypsy, Zydeco and Blues.

World-class musicians will make Monterey their home once again in 2021. Thanks to all who support our festival!


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Musician of the Year

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