Musicians sponsored by Dixieland Monterey (dba Jazz Bash by the Bay) hosted a three day mini Jazz Camp at Seaside High School in June 2017 featuring thirteen student jazz musicians and five instructors. Musicians Don Irving (2015 Musician of the Year) and his wife, drummer Debera McIrving, got the ball rolling by working with Theresa Hruby , the school’s music director, to hold a jazz camp. They thought they were volunteering to be the only instructors but Dixieland Monterey offered financial support for the camp allowing them to hire additional professional musicians. Pianist/trombonist Jackson Stock of Abalone Stompers fame, brass player Howard Miyata (2013 Musician of the Year) of the High Sierra Jazz Band, and Dick Williams trumpeter for the Bye Bye Blues Boys band rounded out the group of instructors beautifully. Irving is the music director of that band. Hruby also participated and assisted with providing instruments for the student musicians as well as the venue. Lunches and snacks were provided by Dixieland Monterey. “I think we made some pretty good progress” said Irving. “All in all, it was a good experience for everyone and it was pretty successful. We hope to do it again next year with a little more preparation.” The camp was a good example of the many ways Dixieland Monterey Continues to give back to the community. We will make this a recurring event with the help of our Sponsors, Patrons and Festival attendees.


Later in the summer, of the thirteen participants of our mini Jazz Camp, six received scholarships to attend the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society’s Teagarden Youth Trad Jazz Camp which has been operating for the past 32 years. Four of the scholarships were sponsored by Dixieland Monterey and two by Monterey Hot Jazz Society. There they increased their knowledge of traditional jazz and proficiency in playing. More recently we have provided scholarships for guitar lessons for two promising young jazz students.


This year, professional musicians from our Festival will be working in the music room with the current crop of enthusiastic jazz students of Pacific Grove High School. This program is very well received and the students are always excited to meet and be mentored by the stars of our festival.


Again this year we will present this two hour clinic taught by Festival Musicians. Each year this clinic is open to all school age student musicians who wish to attend. Our clinicians introduce these young players to the early jazz styles through ensemble and solo work, building confidence and musicianship.


Over the years we have encouraged the donation of instruments that have been” lovingly stored ” in forgotten places. We then donate them to the music departments of local high schools. These additional instruments in the schools help keep our kind of music alive and accessible. Download Instrument Rescue Project Brochure here


Look for the charming and enthusiastic Pacific Grove High School music students selling raffle tickets in the De Anza lobby as well as throughout the Festival venues. In the last few years the raffle proceeds have enabled local schools to purchase needed instruments. Remember that music programs in schools are among the last to be funded.