This schedule supersedes all previous schedules.Please let us know if you happen to see any discrepancies.
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Friday DeAnza Serra I Portola Steinbeck 3
Titan Hot Seven Ivory&Gold®
1:00PM Tom Rigney & Flambeau High Sierra Sonny Leyland Trio Crescent Katz
2:30PM Tom Hook & Terrier Bros. Blue Street Holland-Coots Jazz Quintet Yve Evans Trio
4:00PM High Sierra Grand Dominion W/ Zimmerman Yve Evans Trio Fast Mama Excitement w/Rocha
5:30PM Zydeco Flames Tom Rigney & Flambeau J.A.S.M (Jeff, Anne, Sherry, Matt) Calabrese, Lambeth, & Rocha
7:00PM Blue Street Tom Rigney & Flambeau Hoy Crown Holland-Coots Jazz Quintet W/ Lambeth
8:30PM Midiri Brothers Titan Hot Seven Katie Cavera & Friends W/ Bottel, Rocha, & Canfield Crescent Katz "Firehouse Five +2 Tribute"
10:00PM tom Hook & Terrier Bros. Midiri Brothers Jeff Barnhart "Saloon Songs 1"
Friday Bonsai Serra 2 Colton Steinbeck 1
1:30PM Cavera, Krahn, & Harris Grand Dominion Bye Bye Blues Boy Band "Beauty & The Beast" Barnhart, Barnhart, & Holland
3:00PM Sonny Leyland Trio Tom Rigney & Flambeau Draga & Barnhart "Two-Man Orchestra ...No Timpani" Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi
4:30PM Draga Quarter with Wanner, Durham and Metz Titan Hot Seven Holy Crown Tom Hook & Sonny Leyland
6:00PM Fast Eddie and Friends W/Cavera, Zimmerman, & Durham High Sierra Bye Bye Blues Boy Band Yve Evan & Jason Wanner
7:30PM Yve Evans Trio W/ Bob Draga Tom Hook & Terrier Bros. Fast Mama Excitement W/ Miyata Sonny Leyland Trio
9:00PM Holy Crown Grand Dominion Jam Cab Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi
10:30PM Crescent Kats Jam Cab
Saturday DeAnza Serra 1 Portola Steinbeck 3
10:00AM Midiri Brothers Tom Rigney & Flambeau Mark Allen Jones
11:30AM High Sierra Tom Hook & Terrier Bros. Groovus Sonny Leyland Trio
1:00PM Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Midiri Brothers Bye Bye Blues Boys Band Titan Hot Seven
2:30PM Royal Society Jazz Orchestra High Sierra W/ Draga Holy Crow Grand Dominion
4:00PM Titan Hot Seven Blue Street Ivony & Gold W/ Eddie Erickson Draga/Meijers/Zimmerman W/ Calabrese, Durham, Metz, & Cavera
5:30PM Tom Hook & Terrier Bros Midiri Brothers Fast Mama Excitement W/ Rocha Sonny Leyland Trio
7:00PM Blue Street Zydeco Flames Yve Even Trio Barnhart / Midiri Quartet
8:30PM Tom Rigney & Flambeau / Bob Draga Grand Dominion Sonny Leyland Trio Crescent Katz "Firehouse Five +2 Tribute"
10:00PM Zydeco Flames Holy Crow
Lambeth & Friends W/ Zimmerman, Krahn, Baker (gtr) & Harris
Saturday Bonsai Serra 2 Colton Steinbeck 1
9:00AM Youth Clinic (Miyata, Baker, Calabrese, Zimmerman, Caparone, Cavera, Pikal)
10:30AM Youth Clinic (Blue Street) Washboards W/ Fast Mama Excitement W/ Baker Crescent Katz W/ Cavera Yve Evans Trio
12:00AM Grand Dominion Blue Street W/ Draga Spotlight on YOUTH
Group 1: 12:00 - 12:45
Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi
1:30PM Tom Hook "History Of New Orleans Piano, Part 1" The Pacific Brass Band "An Indoor Concert in the Park Group 2: 1:05 - 1:50
Group 3: 2:10 - 2:55
Mark Allen Jones & Jason Wanner
3:00PM Tom Hook "History Of New Orleans Piano, Part 2" Midiri Brothers Group 4: 3:15 - 4:00 Caroline Dahl & Sonny Leyland
4:30PM Stephanie Trick "James P. Johnson Tribute" Zydeco Flames Yve Evans Trio Mark Allen Jones
6:00PM Holy Crow Titan Hot Seven W/ Cavera Crescent Katz W/ Zimmerman Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi
7:30PM Paolo Alderighi W/ Durham & Metz "ERROLL GARNER" High Sierra Bye Bye Blues Fast Mama Excitement w/GROOVUS!
9:00PM Jeff Barnhart "Sallon Song II" Tom Hooks & Terrier Bros. Jam Cab Holland-Coots Jazz Quintet
Jam Cab Alderighi & Trick Barnhart & Holland W/Pikal & Coots
Sunday DeAnza Serra I Portola Steinbeck 3
9:00AM Grand Dominion Midiri Brothers
10:30AM Zydeco Flames Blue Street (Gospel) Crescent Katz W/ Barnhart Titan Hot Seven
12:00AM Blue Street Tom Hook & Terrier Bros. Yve Evans Trio Holy Crown
1:30PM Tom Hook & Terrier Bros. Tom Rigney & Flambeau Sthephanie Trick "Harlem Stride Pianist" Grand Dominion
3:00PM - 4:30PM High Sierra (FAREWELL CONCERT)
Sunday Bonsai Serra 2 Colton Steinbeck 1
9:30AM Yve Evans Trio (Gospel) Tom Rigney & Flambeau Fast Mama Excitement W/ Miyata Mark Allen Jones & Chris Calabrese
11:00AM Fast Mama Excitement W/ Miyata (Kazoo Gospel) Midiri Brother W/ Draga Sonny Leyland Trio Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi
12:30AM Ivory&Gold® w/Eddie Erickson Zydeco Flames Crescent Katz W/ Cavera GROOVUS W/ Leyland
2:00PM Holy Crow Titan Hot Seven Fast Mama Excitement W/ Pikal & Zimmerman Sonny Leyland Trio