Chris Bradley and Friends

Chris, A Native Californian, started his music career in high school and college Jazz Orchestras– Including marching bands, also playing with Many big bands. (Including Multiple years with the Gilbert and Sullivan Society Orchestra)

Formed his own Traditional jazz group in the 90’s which has played in a variety of Bay Area venues…

Put together Many Other ensembles, one of which resulted in the creation of this weekend’s Traditional Jazz Quintet…

Mike Ross has been playing and recording music for many years in a Variety of  music groups throughout California and Is a Regular with Chris Bradley’s Jazz Band.

Don Neely, who needs no introduction, is a Very Well-known Musician, Composer and Band Leader who appears in several groups, including his Royal Society Orchestra, during this weekend’s festival.

Marty Eggers and Virginia Tichenor, Both Well-known throughout the country and beyond as Ragtime piano and Traditional jazz professionals, they are also appearing in several groups throughout this weekend’s Jazz Bash.

Chris Bradley