Dave Stuckey

“Dave Stuckey has been swinging his way through Los Angeles for a couple of decades now, but his musical adventures as guitar player and drummer go back farther than that, through Western Swing (Dave Stuckey & The Hoot Owls), pre-bop Jazz (The Bonebrake Syncopators) and Rockabilly (the Dave & Deke Combo).

Along the way he’s been around the world, and while writing, recording & producing, has generally managed to create a wide-ranging ruckus.

These days the main dish on the menu has been The Hot House Gang, a hard-charging outfit that channels an Eddie Condon small-group drive with jiving vocals that might conjure thoughts of Wingy Manone or Fats Waller. With any show from The Gang, a regimen of vigorous rug-cutting is always prescribed.

Rhythm is his business – and business is swell!”

Website: https://www.stuckeyville.net/

Dave Stuckey Paseo Pasadena