El Dorado Jazz Band

The original El Dorado Jazz Band performed in Southern California in the 1960s. The band’s distinctive musicians — cornetist “Papa Ray” Ronnei, trombonist Al Crowne, clarinetist Mike Baird, pianist Dick Shooshan, banjoist/vocalist Dan Ruedger, bassist Mike Fay and washboardist Bob Raggio — set El Dorado apart from the other traditional jazz groups of the same era.

The current EDJB is led by Hal Smith (playing washboard for an authentic El Dorado sound). Most of the musicians are multi-instrumentalists and all are bandleaders.

The El Dorado Jazz Band repertoire includes Classic New Orleans stomps, blues, marches and rags.

El Dorado Jazz Band Monterey 2023

Band Members:
Andy Schumm – cornet
Brandon Au – trombone
Nathan Tokunaga – clarinet
Jeff Barnhart – piano/vocals
Brian Holland – piano (guest)
Bill Dendle – banjo
Mikiya Matsuda – string bass
Hal Smith – washboard/leader.