Holland/Coots Jazz Quintet

“Exciting, exhilarating, and exhausting!” is probably the best (and most alliterative) way to describe the jazz duo of Holland & Coots.Brian Holland and Danny Coots began performing together in 2010 after spending decades individually on the jazz and ragtime circuits honing their skills on piano and drums, respectively.Since joining forces, they’ve been on a mission to introduce audiences all over the world to their style of music and fun.With a delightful mix of jazz, blues, stride, boogie, pop, and ragtime, Holland & Coots have created something for every taste.This winning duo is the driving rhythmic foundation for bands like B.A.D. Rhythm, and the newly-formed Holland-Coots Jazz Quintet.

Location: TN, CA, MN
Website: shanesmohawk.com/index.html

Holland Coots Jazz Quintet