Warehouse Reunion

“Hey!!! There’s booze in my coffee cup!!

That was the answer to prohibition of alcohol during the 20’s & 30’s, Speakeasy style. Capon’s Warehouse arrived on Cannery Row in 1961, re-creating the period atmosphere, style & music popular during that era. These veterans of the nightly riot of enteretainment still capture the essence of the time, and are living proof that ou can survive playing music at “racehorse” tempos & live to tell about it! The Fun Continues!

…Capone’s Warehouse”

– The Joint that kept Cannery Row Famous!

Band Members:
Gary Ryan – Banjo/Leader
Eddie Erickson – Banjo
Bill Dendle – Banjo/Trombone
Alan O’Day – Tuba
Greg Janusz – Drums
Chris Calabrese – Piano