Days Time – Location Time – Location Time – Location
Friday 3:00PM – Bonsai 6:00PM – Colton 10:00PM – Steinbeck 1
Saturday 2:30PM – Steinbeck 2 9:00PM – Colton
Sunday 10:30AM – Steinbeck 1 3:30PM – Bonsai

Crescent Katz

Brando Au– trombone

Jeff Kreis– trumpet

Priscilla Ornellas– tuba

Greg Sabin– banjo

Patrick Skiffington– washboard

The Crescent Katz’s off-the-cuff, no-rules, no-arrangements style hearkens back to the days when Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson was the king of pizza, and the emperor of fun. You’ll leave every show tappin’ your toes and smelling faintly like pepperoni.

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