Days Time – Location Time – Location Time – Location
Friday 11:30AM – Portola 7:30PM – Colton
Saturday 12:00PM – Serra II 1:30PM – Bonsai 4:00PM – Serra I
Sunday 3:30PM – Bonsai

Gary Ryan made his musical debut in the eighth grade and hasn’t stopped. Right through the “straw hat” pizza era, several months in a hotel basement “night club” and on to a long-standing gigs at Dick O’Kane’s Warehouse on Cannery Row in Monterey and lounges in Reno, as well as a five year road trip, with bookings at hotels, casinos, and nightclubs all over the U.S.
He was influenced by Eddie Peabody who said “You can be known as a musician or an entertainer. Entertainers make more money”. This advice plus joining up with “crazies (playing at the Warehouse) who just didn’t take things too seriously” slowly but surely turned
his style into what it is today.
Gary exemplifies the best of banjo. He’s a very classy, musical player who can play any tune in any key with impeccable rhythm and great timing. Not limited to routine banjo pieces, he can play ragtime, a Russian lullaby or classical, taking banjo playing away from the norm. His musical talent and great humor makes him a must-see entertainer. Expect him to pop up in random sets throughout the festival.